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Welcome To Career Guru Foundation

A Dynamic Global Education & Skill Development Company with a Vision of Skills for Tomorrow.
We are very Innovative and Aggressive to ensure Sustainable Growth for Inculcating Future Skills.

Zonal Business Co-founder Cum Channel Partner established by IT entrepreneurs and educational enterprises in Maharashtra, India. It has emerged as India's biggest network of IT Training Centres. More than 5000 Network Partner are Associated with us.

As an public educator with seeking the opportunity to serve best local Businesses. We eager to use
our proven leadership skills to continue the district’s legacy of quality
education and help prepare students for future success, bridging the Gap
between digital divide & enable the Ed-Tech environment for Lifelong Learning

Why Choose Us

Because we focus on results. For us, it’s all about what adds value for you and your business. Above all, we want our words to work for you.
Greatest Range of Services
As we offer a wide variety of programs, we have the flexibility of Multiple University programs to meet the different needs and expectations of students.
Proven Results
Our courses have boosted students’ ATAR to enable them to enrol in their preferred University course.
Quality & Easy Accessibility
Having excellent, competent and knowledgeable teachers is important. At Academic Group we make sure that our students have access to the best teaching they can possibly have by only using highly-qualified, experienced teachers.
Wide Range of Study Resources
Our range of over 5000+ Support Centres were written in response to teachers’ and students’ requests for resources. We continue to write new study resources to meet our students’ need for support in different subjects.

University Partner

All University are Recognised by UGC and "A" Graded

NAAC "A+" Grade
NAAC "A+" Grade
NAAC "A+" Grade
NAAC "A+" Grade

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